Microsoft Experience

Microsoft Surface SDK (SDET) : October 2008 - ~July 2010

My first position at Microsoft was with the Microsoft Surface (table not tablet) SDK team. This was my first experience at the Software Development Engineer in Test role and was very exciting and confusing all at once. Part of me missed being on the outfacing product side versus the behind the scenes aspect but this role gave me a lot of opportunity to learn and grow. My primary contributions at this time were C# and WPF based test applications verifying the many uses of various Surface SDK controls. Some of these apps were purely functional where as others made use of the controls in self-host style applications. This was my first introduction to a XAML based UI and aided me to really build up a new skill set.

Microsoft Windows 8 & 8.1 & Internet Explorer 10 & 11: ~July 2010 - July 2014

After a Microsoft re-org I found myself on the Windows Applications and Media Experiences (AMEX) working on testing the Immersive UI for Internet Explorer 10. At this time I participated in the creation of the UI testing framework mostly adding easy to use methods of dealing with the UI that fell under my responsibilities namely the Tabs View and Immersive webpage Context Menus. During this long cycle I grew my skills as a developer with a strong focus on C#. I was also the task group driver in charge of maintaining our branch quality to prevent any breaking changes in the browser from finding their way to the main branch.

Next, the obvious re-org happened and the Immersive IE team merged with the main IE team. During this transition time I worked with a few others to develop a tool for easily setting up physical test machines, which took off to be not only widely used across IE but to other Windows teams as well. During this time I worked on many aspects of Immersive IE 11, from pinned site tiles to input streamlining, along with many more UI tools used to make the every day life easier. This gave me a lot of chances to learn and improve my skills with different technologies such as C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, XNA, and more.

Hunt the Wumpus Mentoring

During these years I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer as a mentor for high school students at Bothell High School with a program called Hunt the Wumpus. In this program we taught the students about software development as a part of a team in which each student is responsible for a component which will then all work together to provide a final product. The game Hunt the Wumpus.