MozCon 2016 Game -- 12/2/2016

So the most exciting thing happened last year. I got to make a game for my not-a-game company Moz. For those of you that know me you know I love making games and I miss it. Well thanks to Moz I had that chance to do so outside of a hobby space. At the end of MozCon 2015, my first, I felt it would be fun to be more involved in making the experience memorable. It just so happened that the upcoming MozCon 2016 theme was that of a pixelated 16-bit space game. So I off-handedly suggested we build a game for attendees. Moz had been wanting more Developer involvment so it sounded like a great idea, but Moz had never built a game before.

I thought that was the end of that until April 2016 when I discovered they really wanted a game to be built! So I had until early September to make it happen. It was an off the books side project and I couldn't put more than 10% of my time toward it at work. The design team was able to take a lot of the assets they made for the conference and provide them for use in game. Then it was up to me to build a game in Unity from scratch. The design was an asteroids style game with special ships and weapons meant to have a very retro feel. I worked on this for months by myself until finally after many attempts at building a team my buddy Jeff Wood stuck around providing a lot of great ideas, some amazing game music, and gameplay adjustments that would make it a challenging yet fun experience. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about it was that we were going to have custom made arcade cabinets for the game! How often do you get a custom arcade cabinet for a game that was your baby these days?!

Anyway after a lot of hardwork we had the game ready to go a few days prior to the conference. In fact the day before received the Arcade cabinets and had to get the game tweaked to work on there. Talk about cutting things close. Well the game was a big success and so many of the MozCon 2016 attendees were very surprised we built a game for the event. Especially considering the small size of the team and short timeframe. Seeing people enjoying my game on a custom arcade cabinet is still a feeling of pride I can't shake. Thank you Moz for such an awesome experience!

You can download the game here from it's official page or you can try it out here

-Jonathan Wills

Site Re-Design!!! -- 7/20/2014

Amazing what you can do when you just sit down and go for it. This site has had little updates for a very long time and I hope to change that. Today I spent a couple of hours merging the styles from my "Game Studio" website The major thing you'll see is the updated layout which works great in IE 11 and all Chromium based browsers. The next changes you'll notice is an updated resume, experience, and all new downloads. The old college stuff doesn't really represent my coding abilities today but it is still available in the other downloads link. For those that I do not provide source for I will on a case by case basis all you need to do is ask. Welcome to the new

-Jonathan Wills